Elisa Garcia de la Huerta is a multidisciplinary artist from Chile. She focuses on analog photography, performance and sound. Her work details the ways in which nature interweaves with different aspects of the modern self, our psyche and queer culture.

Sprouting from intuition and the need to materialize and process emotions. The art she makes consideres our instinctual right to erotism and death as something inherent to our human experience, with a visceral jet contemplative sense, as viewers we are thrusted into a world of color, beauty, and mysticism. She searches for uncanny simplicity; the unseen texture; contain within the subtle abstract sensibility; the pictorial, tactile and poetic, which opens our perceptions of nature, body and gender which allude to facets of transpersonal and eco-feminist discourse.

She is intrigued by the Shadow of late capitalism, how it is fed by conscious strategies of repression. Her work invokes the primal Archetype of the Goddess – Virgin, Mother, Shaman and Witch – in the belief that through a global return to the feminine in all Her aspects, we might soften our rapacious drives and erosion on human connection, creating more of a balance between our technological advancement, our relationship to the environment and the refinement of our consciousness.

In this context she portrays intimacy as a vital and unruly form of resilience and resistance. Her work represents a form of sanctuary, allowing a place where our connection with nature – including our bodies – might be resurrected, de-commodified, and re-beautified.