"Psilocybe Tampelandia (Metamorphosis) is a 15 min excerpted version of a  2015-17 film work in progress. A psychosexual power ballad to the voids of dystopic cyber syndrome and self-obsession, Psilocybe Tampelandia (Metamorphosis) lurks in the suicidal shadows of post-internet purgatory reality and intervenes to document in delicate, elusive, transparent painterly layers the artist’s struggle to assert a radical queer identity. Loaded with seductive gender play, encounters with an obsessive voyeuristic Other (sometimes the artist herself) and experimentation with psychedelics, the work traces intimacy, spirituality, nature and (cyber)-sexuality in vivid color as Garcia’s narrative unfolds rhythmically in a dreamlike, kawaii, eco-feminist aesthetic. Her vision of a spiritual self-knowledge grounded in a unique ethos of contemporary eco-feminism emerges as the true channel of rebirth."

written by Katie Cercone 


METAMORPHOSIS Psilocybe Tampelandia
Video Art/short Film

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15 min video
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Psylocybe Tampelandia 2015-16