The Honeymoon
Two channel video installation

Creating a set of rules I performed a series of stereotypical episodes of my childish quintessential ideal fairytale of a honeymoon, I will expose myself, being open to circumstances of contradictions and a encumbered assortment of emotions in a “relationship”: between my “grown up Teddy Bear” (big stuffed animal I found in the street) and the self.

The 15 min video I presents, in it own process: simplicity, capricious feelings, maternity, care, frustration, attraction, desire, objectivity, anger, sadness and an under layer of loneliness and subjectivity. All this flavor’s fruit basket of feelings is possibly contained by a handmade delicate soft but rustic space of secret and privacy that immerses you in this melodramatic journey.

The external public perspective of these fort welcomes you with a manipulated video of me dancing at my godmothers catholic weeding in a small tv monitor.
The Honeymoon