Current Photography

Analog photography is one medium I employ creatively to challenge the status quo. Having turned to spirituality as a practice in non-violent revolution and healing, in my creative work I invoke the primal Archetype of the quadruple Goddess: Virgen, Mother, Shaman and Witch. Through a global return to the feminine in all aspects, we might soften into a balance between our technological advancement and our human evolution in consciousness.
I document intimacy with myself, others and nature as a form of resistance. This process is both an aesthetic and conceptual strategy. Working intuitively, I revel in the poetic and pictorial aspects of analog film, especially the ephemerality inherent in the collaborative aspects of my work and the nostalgically rich depth of a vintage format.
Facing the consequences of techno-capitalism, including our urgent need for real human connection and the end of our alienation from NATURE and spirituality; in my work I explore the struggle to adapt to our Information Age amidst the global environmental crisis. My work interrogates perception and cultural conditioning, meanwhile pushing up against gender binaries, sexual taboo and the dichotomy of spirituality versus religion from a holistic vantage point assuming an integration of mind, body and soul.
Through collaborative processes with film, my work aims to dismantle oppressive societal views that promote toxic forms of techno-commerce, transgressing the territory of spectacle and objectification, ultimately, opening unto an all-encompassing, transpersonal, post-gender ecofeminist dialogue.
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