Analog Photography

I portray intimacy as a vital and unruly form of resilience and resistance.

My work depends on relationships, on intuition, on critical thinking. I thrive on the ephemerality of collaboration. I revel in the poetic, tactile and pictorial aspects of analog film, the punk post-digital experience which reintroduces the more emotional, nostalgically saturated quality of the vintage format. 

With the culture bombarded by an exponential number of images, I want my work to represent a form of sanctuary, allowing a place where our connection with nature – including our bodies –  might be resurrected, de-commodified, and re-beautified. The gaze I employ is both queer and humanizing, transmitting subtle, fragile messages through the inclusion of bizarre details or punctum which allude to facets of transpersonal and eco-feminist discourse. It contrasts with the sensationalizing spectacle of mass-circulation visual media, preferring a more vulnerable language which evokes quiet reflection, relatedness, an intimacy which can be genuinely erotic that is well-known in the history of painting, but largely obscured by contemporary culture.